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Photo's from Sunday 26th

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Photo's from Sunday 26th

Postby alianthony » Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:55 pm

Hi Folks,
Ken has approved my status AGAIN and YAYY! I can finally join the forum :D

So, now I'm gonna try and post the piccies I took - I've already deleated the fuzzy, blurry ones and the few that were of someones torso as they crossed in front of the camera just as I pressed the shutter! ;)

OK, it seems I can only add 1 photo to this post :cry: , and I have 39 of the buggers, so how about if you want a copy of them - send me an email requesting them and I'll forward a copy of the the whole folder to you instead :D !

It's a shame - I think it'd be great to get a gallery (rogues perhaps!) up and running on our site. Maybee there is and as a newbee to the site I just don't know where to find it?!
WREXHAM BOWMEN. 1st Out-Door shoot 2012 (1).JPG
Glorious February 2012 - 1st outdoor shoot
WREXHAM BOWMEN. 1st Out-Door shoot 2012 (1).JPG (61.48 KiB) Viewed 17640 times
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