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Learning Archery inspired by movies and TV

Jeremy-Renner-as-Hawkeye-in-The-Avengers-jeremy-renner | learn archeryThere has been a rush to learn archery in the last few years and it is no doubt inspired by popular culture and the use of archery in TV and especially in movies. It been 5 years since we had a Robin Hood movie, when we saw Russell Crow play the lead role. He actually did a pretty good job of handling a bow, which isn’t something that can be said for some actors in movies.

People wanting to learn archery and the take up of places on archery beginners courses is more likely inspired by characters a bit more contemporary than Robin Hood.

Hawkeye from the Marvel Avengers series of movies will no doubt have made a few guys and teenage boys fancy trying archery. Amongst all the mayhem and technology on show in these movies, there is something a bit special in a man with a bow, taking down alien invaders. In general the way he shoots shows pretty good style, OK, so he wouldn’t hit most of the things he aimed at (especially if he used the technique employed in the picture of him here), but hey, it’s the movies.

If you are a teenage girl, then you have a perfect archery inspiration in the form of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games movies. We have seen a marked increase in girls wanting to learn archery and I’m sure this movies series has been in some part responsible.