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Dewi Sant Field Tournament 2016 Results

Dewi Sant 2016

Name Bow Score Age
Amelia Thomas BareBow Recurve Junior 214 11
Jeff Williams BareBow Recurve 270
John Inson BareBow Recurve 167
Mal Williams BareBow Recurve 198
Matthew Thomas BareBow Recurve 247
Oliver Hartfield BareBow Recurve 210
Victoria Williams BareBow Recurve 263
Byron Powell Compound UL 346
David Pritchard Compound UL 298
Julien Beauquel Compound UL 357
Mal Whitter Compound UL 347
Mark Halliday Compound UL 308
Mark Murphy Compound UL 308
Paul Kelly Compound UL 340
Paul Liddon Compound UL 307
Pauline Swift Compound UL 320
Tom Duncan Compound UL 380
Victoria Duncan Compound UL 346
William Madge Compound BB 242
Jason Lynch Flatbow 50
Emily Williams Flatbow 151
Gary Hart Flatbow 197
Nick Lynch Flatbow Junior 45 14
Nigel Downs Flatbow 206
Ray Annable Flatbow DNF
Alison Williams Longbow 44
Dave Peters Longbow 88
Philip Wain Longbow 60
Stephen Williams Longbow 75
Megan Tinker Recurve Junior 206 16
Christopher Bartley Recurve 197
Helen Kelly Recurve 234
John Hartfield Recurve 256
Mark Tinker Recurve 241
Paul Tittensor Recurve 306
Peter Gregory Recurve 268
Rebecca Barclay Recurve Junior 87 13
Tony Nilsen Recurve 281
Tracy Cross Recurve 195
Ceri Thomas Traditional 229
Charlie Coombs Traditional 128
Joan Ryan Traditional 138
Phil Bowen Traditional 204

Learning Archery inspired by movies and TV

Jeremy-Renner-as-Hawkeye-in-The-Avengers-jeremy-renner | learn archeryThere has been a rush to learn archery in the last few years and it is no doubt inspired by popular culture and the use of archery in TV and especially in movies. It been 5 years since we had a Robin Hood movie, when we saw Russell Crow play the lead role. He actually did a pretty good job of handling a bow, which isn’t something that can be said for some actors in movies.

People wanting to learn archery and the take up of places on archery beginners courses is more likely inspired by characters a bit more contemporary than Robin Hood.

Hawkeye from the Marvel Avengers series of movies will no doubt have made a few guys and teenage boys fancy trying archery. Amongst all the mayhem and technology on show in these movies, there is something a bit special in a man with a bow, taking down alien invaders. In general the way he shoots shows pretty good style, OK, so he wouldn’t hit most of the things he aimed at (especially if he used the technique employed in the picture of him here), but hey, it’s the movies.

If you are a teenage girl, then you have a perfect archery inspiration in the form of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games movies. We have seen a marked increase in girls wanting to learn archery and I’m sure this movies series has been in some part responsible.


Archery beginners course in September

We have announced the dates for another archery beginners course. It will be on September 13th, 20st and 27th which are all Sundays. The course will be for anyone who wants to learn archery in the correct way.

Our archery beginners courses are nine hours of coaching held over three consecutive weeks starting at 2pm. The course will be run by Archery GB qualified coaches and held at an affiliated Archery GB club.

Anyone interested in learning archery by taking and archery beginners course should head over to the beginners page on our site and read the information there.

Learn archery – New archery beginners course dates in June

We have announced the dates for the next available archery beginners course. It will be on June 14th, 21st and 28th which are all Sundays. The course will be for anyone who wants to learn archery in the correct way.

The course is nine hours of coaching held over three consecutive weeks starting at 12 midday. The course will be run by Archery GB qualified coaches and held at an affiliated Archery GB club.

Anyone interested in learning archery should head over to the beginners page on our site and read the information there.

Big Weekend Have A Go – Saturday May 24th – 10am till 2pm

big-weekendWe are running a have-a-go session on Saturday May 24th at our shooting ground in St Christophers School, Wrexham. It will run from 10am until 2pm.

Anyone over the age of 11 is welcome to attend and try archery for the first time, but remember anyone under 17 must be accompanied by an adult. There is no charge and you can stay as long as you like, allowing you have as many goes as you want. If you do want a few goes then you may have to wait for someone else to try before you have another go.

This is not a substitute to a beginners course but if you have registered for a course and attend this day and shoot it does help us assess your ability and how to group archers in beginners courses.

If the weather is good we will be shooting outside on the school field, if it’s bad we will be indoors in the school gym. The map below shows you where to park and where to go when you get to us. There will also be signs to show you where to go when you arrive.

Please wear clothes suitable for archery, which means no bulky jackets or coats and no open toed or shoes with large heels. Flat shoes and long sleeves are advisable, so trainers and sweatshirts or long sleeve t-shirts work well. Anyone with long hair must tie it back.

As well as having a go at archery you will also be able to chat to the members and coaches from Wrexham Bowmen who will be able to answer any questions you have. Plus you can see members shoot and demonstrate the different types of bow.

If you’d like to register an interest in attending please fill in our small form by You can attend without filling in the form, it’s just for us to have an idea who’s coming.

We hope to see you there.

Map of the site.

Download the map as a pdf. WXM-BOWMEN-MAP-2014.pdf.



Archery GB launches search for Paralympic archers

Archery GB has launched a nationwide search for female recurve archers with a disability as part of their ‘Chasing the Dream’ campaign.

Working in conjunction with the Performance Pathway Team, a collaboration between UK Sport and the English Institute of Sport, we are seeking focused and motivated individuals who have the desire to represent Great Britain and reach the Paralympic Podium.

The ultimate aim of the project is to identify archers that have the potential to fast-track their development and compete at the 2016 Paralympic Games with a secondary aim of finding archers that can be developed for the 2020 Paralympic Games.

This campaign offers an exciting opportunity for existing recurve archers to attempt to take their performance to the next level, for compound archers to examine the possibility of transferring to recurve bows and as an access point to sport for new archers who wish to pursue a Paralympic career.

If you are female and believe you have the dedication and potential to reach the sport’s elite as a recurve archer then click here for further information and to sign up.

The closing date for applications is 3 March 2014 at 5pm.

Clout Shoot

Recently the club held it’s first ever clout shoot.

The weather wasn’t exactly what we wanted but good fun was had by all. Thanks to everyone that came to the clout shoot. I hope you all had a good time apart from the weather. The scores were as follows :-

1. Angharad 13
2. Thomas 12
3. Audrey 10
4. Marc Lovell 10
5. Sam Johnson 9
6. Mark Johnson 9
7. Peter Howell 9
8. John Anthony 8
9. Karl 5
10. Mike 4
11. Alan Harding 3
12. Simon 2
13. Rob Taylor 1

Sorry Audrey that I missed out your score when reading out the results. Mind you, your scores went way up when you found out there was chocolates for the winner. Maybe we should try that every Sunday.

Thanks again everyone and especially to Mark B. who donated the archery bag as a prize…

Beginners Course

At the end of 2013 we completed two beginners courses with a total of 19 beginners completing our FITA standard course.

Our courses are three weeks of three hour lessons and the aim is to get everyone to a standard where they can shoot unsupervised with good form and technique.

We have a had a huge amount of interest in courses and in people wanting to try or take up archery in the last 12 months. We think is is due to the Olympics and the amount of movies and TV shows that are featuring archery. Movies such as Brave and The Hunger Games have had a big impact especially with young females wanting to give archery a go. The TV series Arrow has also no doubt sparked peoples interest.

Due to this we have a large waiting list for our courses. We also had to cancel a course at the end of the year and have yet to organise another due to the availability of our coaches.

We hope to run a course or courses very soon, but if you are not already on the waiting list, you will not be able to get on these courses. However if you want to added to the waiting list, head over the contact us page and get in touch or read more about the courses on our beginners courses page.