Falling Leaves 2015

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falling Leaves is a close range version of a St George with different sized faces to make it harder.
It was a standard competition with the higherst score in each bow class winning.

Name Bowstyle Score Place
Gareth Jarvis Barebow 552 1st
Marc Lovell Barebow 499 2nd
Ken Davies Barebow 492 3rd
Oliver Keane Barebow 351 4th
Lee Price Barebow 324 5th
Mark Barraclough Barebow 173 6th
Christopher Jones Barebow 143 7th
Llion Weller Barebow 136 8th

Name Bowstyle Score Place
Mike Hughes Compound 883 1st
John Alan Gough Compound 771 2nd

Name Bowstyle Score Place
Simon Greaves Longbow 377 1st
Robert West Longbow 339 2nd
Paul Campini Longbow 272 3rd
David Humphreys Longbow 262 4th
Angharad Hughes Longbow 176 5th
Kevin Emm Longbow 109 6th

Name Bowstyle Score Place
Graham Grimshaw Recurve 660 1st
Chris Palmer Recurve 565 2nd
Christopher Gauterin Recurve 560 3rd
Steve Davies Recurve 551 4th
Robert Taylor Recurve 538 5th
Nick Hughes Recurve 521 6th
Peter Howell Recurve 435 7th
Ross Carter Recurve 236 8th
Viviene Moore Recurve 231 9th
Audrey Roberts Recurve 182 10th
Howard Verrier Recurve 154 11th
Sue Blackwell Recurve 141 12th
Ashley Blackwell Recurve 43 13th