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Wrexham Bowmen Field course

Field Archery

Our new course for field archery is a 34 Target FITA (World Archery – GNAS Field) course. It is set in an area of stunning woodland within the Bryn Yorkin Estate high on Hope Mountain, near Wrexham, North Wales.

The map below show the original layout of the course and if you hover over one of the ‘i’ symbols you will see a short description of the target and a photo taken from the red peg. The course is now different than this, although some of these targets do remain on the course. The coures now has over 40 targets, with a marked and unmarked course. The marked course is always set out with 24 targets.

The cost of our Field Archery Course

We charge a one off yearly fee for access to the course. This gives you 365 days shooting all year around. The cost is £30 for adults and £20 for juniors (under 18), but you must be a current GNAS member to be able to shoot at the course. Your fee makes you an associate member of Wrexham Bowmen in the process.

Once a member, you will receive a membership tag to identify you as a member and we will forward you our simple guidelines to using the course. You don’t need to book in to use the course, just rock up with your gear and get shooting.

If you’d like to enquire about membership the field archery course for yourself or your club click here to send us a enquiry form

Field Enquiry Form

If you'd like to get some more information on shooting on our field course for individual archers or for a group of archers from your club, please use this form.

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Find Directions

Download the map for the marked course.MARKED COURSE MAP 24

Membership Fees

You can pay for your membership using the buttons below. Please remember, you must be a current GNAS member to use the course.

Fees run from October 1st to September 30th yearly. 




  1. Up And Away
  2. Hillside Slide
  3. Holly Bush Drop
  4. Over the Ditch
  5. Little Lumberjack
  6. Not So Treesy
  7. Easy does it
  8. Big Trees And Bluebells
  9. The Brook
  10. Bank On It
  11. Short And Stumpy
  12. Through the Triangle
  13. Mount Killimyarrows
  14. Don’t look down
  15. Pond Life
  16. Tough 20
  17. At The Gate
  18. A bit wonky
  19. Rollercoaster
  20. Into The Glade
  21. Gnarly Trees
  22. Down And Out
  23. Vertigo
  24. Slip n slide

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Some images from our course